Buddhist Articles

A collection Buddhist articles, essays and sermons

Below is a collection of well written articles on various aspects of Buddhism. Most of the Buddhist articles listed here are those that have been donated by Vesak Lipi, the annual Buddhist Digest, while the rest have been donated by the general public.

Abhidhamma Pitaka
All things conditioned are subject to change
Belief in the Oneness of Man
Buddha’s affinity for the environment
Buddhist Ethics: Buddha’s Advice on Killing and Consumption of Meat
Bodhisattva Ideal
Buddhism – The Story of Buddha
Buddhism for breakups
Buddhism Practices : Buddhist funeral rites
Buddhism in France
Buddhism in Germany
Buddhist approach to friendship
Buddhist concept of friendship
Buddhist attitude to other religions
Buddhist Concept of Social Welfare
Buddhist Outlook on the Individual
Buddhist View of Mind and Body
Buddhist Therapeutic Healing with chant
Buddhist view on Rebirth and Kamma
Celebration of Wesak
Case For The Buddhist Theory Of Survival And Kamma
Contemplation of the state of mind
Contemplation of the body
Contemplation of feelings Creative Power of Thought
Dependent Arising and the Doctrine of the Middle Way
Developing the mind
Dhamma as Medicine
Dhamma is a way of life
Ego and Desire
Four Noble Truths
GOD Idea
Finding peace amidst strife and conflict
High Sense Perception (HSP)
Heart of the perfect wisdom
Is there a SELF ?
Importance of Samadhi
Importance of joy in Daily Meditation
Kamma : Buddhist Cause and Effect
Kamma and Heredity
Kammic effect of breaching a precept
Karma and recovery
Life Beyond
The Life of Buddha and its Lessons By Henry Steel Olcott
Meditation – Spiritual effects
Majjhima Nikaya
Meditation’s Effect on the brain
Meditation Relaxation Techniques
Meditation in three easy steps for beginners
Meditation – Purpose and benefits
Metteyya or the Coming Buddha
Metta – its three aspects
Mindfulness of Walking
The Basics of Mindfulness
Natural Disasters : An Alternative View
Principles of Buddhism
Rationality and Beauty of the Buddha Dharma
Sigalovada Sutta
Suicide according to Buddhism
The Buddhist Doctrine of Impermanence (Anicca) and the Soul Theory
The Diligent Do Not Sleep
The Eightfold Path
The Five Precepts in Buddhism – Panchasila
The fruits of craving
The Mind and The Five Mental Hindrances
The Non-Existence (Anatta) Doctrine
The Three Characteristics of Existence (Tri Lakshana)
Therapeutic Approach
Thought – In Buddhism
What Buddhism is
Way of the Lotus
What does rebirth explain?
What the Buddha discovered
Why the Buddha Dhamma is not a religion